Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fifty-One Thrills

In the occasion of the first blog past the 50th mark and the recently concluded Thrill of the Trail in Danao, Bohol, here's a rundown of 51 cool things from that truly awesome experience.

The North Face. E.A.T. Danao. Chocolate Hills. Carbo-loading. Suislide @ 600 Ft. Close to 400 Trail Runners.  Two Rivers.  My Garmin's Debut Run. 80-KM Boat Ride.  Luduvese Family. 

Rice Paddies.  Cornfields. Muddy Shoes. TYJ Tarp. Bellyboom YL. Well-water Bathing.  Braided Hair. 11K & 22K Extreme Running. Wiena of Danao Park. Katol V. & the Ungo Runners.


Mountains & Valleys. Boholano Hospitality.  Ube-flavored Kalamay.  High Sierra. Habal-habal Ride. Overflowing 100 Plus.  Lor's Bam-i & Humba. Pomelo Tree. Dirt Roads. 300-peso Accommodation. 


4AM Breakfast.  Atty. Haide.  300-plus Photos.  Carmen-Danao Trip.  Camacho Road.  Granola Bars. Green Municipal Hall. Dagohoy Monument. Roosters' Early Morning Greetings. The Plunge.

Breath-taking Views.  Friendly Neigborhood.  Clean Fun.  Pure Excitement. Unadulterated Jokes.  Trivial Talks.  Girlish Giggles.  Unbridled Laughters.  Great Company.  Bayanihan.

And...Team Yellow Jersey.

Until the next adventure...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sweet Victory

My 20th race was a 21K.  On 09/05/10, I joined the 34th Milo Marathon and completed my first ever half marathon.  It was the second best thing for a newbie runner like me, next only to the ultimate runner’s goal – the full marathon.  It was a landmark run after being in the sports for six months.  It just seemed like a short while.  One race at a time I always said.  I would get there in time and I did.

Living up to its reputation, the annual Milo Marathon  remains the nation's longest-running and biggest foot race. With close to 23,000 participants, the Cebu eliminations was one of the well-attended in the provincial legs of the yearly event. For 400 children, it meant new pairs of running shoes, for countless others, it's taking part in a historic event. For me and a host of 21K first-timers, it's about fulfilling a dream.

There were lots of stories to tell, lots of drama. I had my own share. In all my previous races, only exhaustion pallowed me to shift gears. Back there, fatigue met a new partner in pain. Past the turning point at SRP, my right leg started to cramp. I had to do short and slow run and complement it with long walking strides. On a momentous day while traversing what seemed to be an endless bridge, the runner in me was on the verge of quitting. I folded my hands and looked up. Then I whispered quietly "Kaya Ko 'To".

Reaching the foot of the bridge, I obliged to the hydration station. Twinkle caught up with me and said hello. Moments later, I was slowly pacing again. Kaya Mo Yan! That three-word slogan worked to a tee.  Ain't that a work of a genius?  Along P. Del Rosario, in the last kilometer or so, I gave in to another cold water quench courtesy of Doc Lan and Ms. Jojo Osorio.  Their water booth at SRP was the best.  I am not an Ungo runner but they treated every runner like one.  Thank you.

As I approached the final stretch of the race, I really had to stop.  Pain struck again. A biker on standby helped me get back.  Fifty meters. Steadily I walked, ran and finally crossed the finish line victoriously. I may have been bruised in the process but my spirit was whole, alive and rewarded. I may not have ended it in fine form but it was sweet, still.

Thank you TYJ and friends for patiently waiting in the stands.  Thank you fellow runners, bloggers and well-wishers. Thank you Milo for the unforgettable experience.  And most of all, thank you for the spiritual hand that led me through. None of these would have been possible if You did not will it.  The glory is all yours.

additional photos: joy polloso, sydney delos reyes and katol v.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Columbia Trail Masters Duathlon

Thinking of going up a notch? Here's a good one. I am contemplating...