Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Close to a thousand trooped to Waterfront Hotel Cebu on March 28, 2010 to join CitiRun, a 4K, 6K and 12K run organized by Citigym. It included people from all walks of life - weekend warriors, sports enthusiasts, socialites, politicians and even kids as young as six. In fact, on our way to the assembly point, a guy in his fifties asked for direction. It turned out we're headed the same way so we just asked him to tag along. He came from far North and said he got up at 2:30am so he won't be late for the run. I salute you, Manong. There you go guys, another proof that this sport is for everyone.

The photos:

Pinay In Action 2010

The Visayas leg of PIA 2010 will be staged in Cebu on April 11, 2010 which will feature 3K, 5K and 10K run. Okay, it’s not one of those election-related campaigns since PIA, the movement, is in motion since 2007. It’s a run race. Wondering who's behind it? No less than PIA herself, the person. Of course, that’s Senator Pia Cayetano I am referring to.

I admire Pia. Among the many legislators we have in the Senate, she has the most heart and passion about what she does and one of the most hardworking, too. I chanced upon her on TV a few nights ago and I hope her colleagues were eavesdropping and heard her say “it’s not enough to just support a law but you should be able debate about it.”

Pinay In Action advocates the causes for the Women, the Filipinas, the Pinays. And who else could champion it best than a Pinay herself - Pia!

Love the Pink!

PS: Although this is a race for women, all the men can join, too!

(photo source: www.pinoyfitness.com)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

CitiRun slated March 28, 2010

The event marks the 4th year anniversary of Citigym at Waterfront Hotel Cebu, the only gym that operates round the clock. Race starts at the hotel's lagoon area and proceeds to the streets of Salinas, Gorordo, Escario, Capitol and Jones and back. You may run at 4K, 6K or 12K category.

See you there!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Run To The Clouds - a lowdown...

It lived up to its promise. Challenging, rigorous, extreme! And ‘ya thought it was easy?! Definitely not for more than 700 runners who saw action at Sunday’s event. The 8-kilometer Busay uphill stretch was one tough road. But reaching the summit at 1,928 feet (above sea level) was all worth it. We’re on a high, literally. I salute all who took part. There’s still plenty to say but I will let the pictures do the talking…

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm a Runner

I'm a Runner.
It's a declaration.
I will abide.
It's a duty.
I will support.
It's a commitment.
I will explore.
It's a challenge.
I will inspire.
It's a passion.
I'm a Runner.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

10 on 10th

It’s the tenth post, yoohoo! There’s a long road ahead but I suppose I got off on the right foot. And in celebration of this milestone, I’m counting down 10 good things about running according to my own experience. Trust me, they’re – All Good, No Bad.

1. First, it is easy to perform. It doesn’t require practice or equipment. It’s for everybody.

2. Stress-buster – it gets my mind off the day’s problems. How many times did an awful episode at work or a relationship wear you down? Lost count already? Save a bad day and go to bed with a smile. The remedy is simple – hit the road and sweat it out!

3. It lightens up my purse (not that I have a lot to carry around). I will say it again, running is not costly. It’s a good alternative to being elsewhere, splurging unnecessarily. But it’s not as though I’m turning my back completely on my other hobbies (read: moderation).

4. Feel a few pounds lighter with a regular and consistent training. Of course, some pills or miracle tablets could come in handy but if you want to lose weight the safe way, always go with the natural. Couple that with good diet, you’re good to go. And save you some bucks, too.

5. Suffice it to say here the generally known health benefits – anti-aging, prevention of stroke, diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol level and improved blood clotting, immune system and cardiovascular stamina.

6. Imagine those clothes from yester-years that now fit too snugly on you? You just might want to grab your old shape back. I have some in my cabinet. These are the motivators. Running is the driver.

7. Meet friends – old and new. The other week, I ran into an old friend from the tennis club. There’s also a bunch of frequent joggers whom I exchange hi’s and hello’s with. A smile does wonders, really. Maybe later, I will bump into someone I borrowed money from or vice versa. It’s highly likely.

8. It’s one of the many good reasons to visit the spa. Reward yourself for doing your homework. Relax those tensed muscles and calm your mind with a soothing massage. Go ahead, pamper yourself a little.

9. Stories of other people continue to inspire me. As a bonus, I am able to inspire a few souls, too. It’s a classic case of getting some and giving something back.

10. And finally, it gives me something to blog about!

So, there goes my 10 on the 10th. Until the next 10, 50, 100 ish!

(photo source: 1-www.thedailygreen.com, 2-www.itimeclinic.co.uk, 3-www.charlottechiro.com)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Pet Peeves - Abellana Edition

I do my nightly mini-marathons 3-4 times a week at the Cebu City Sports Complex Track Oval or commonly known here as Abellana. In each occasion, I have to endure the sight of people who make the trip to the tracks a very convenient excuse to do annoying stuffs. Okay, okay, kanya-kanyang trip lang yan, I know. But sometimes, it blatantly thwarts the whole idea of why they are there in the first place. Below, I compiled a list of my pet peeves.

Pet Peeve # 1 – If you are trying to lose weight, the 30-minute drill (jog or walk) will help burn those excess pounds. It’s a process for what you already have (the fats, I mean). That said, bad food is a big NO! How to avoid the temptation? Paglabas mo ng gate ng complex, make a quick right turn, walk fast and never look back.

Pet Peeve # 2 – Texting while jogging, c’mon! Can we at least give this addiction a rest even for a short while? Sabihan ang mga jowa nyo in advance na magpapa-sexy muna kayo.

Pet Peeve # 3 – The secondary stands (the green section in the photo) are used for intervals or breaks from exercise routines. It can also be a station for a waiting companion. BUT never a meeting place for hook-ups and definitely not an appropriate place for your PDAs. Nakakainggit kayo!

Pet Peeve # 4 – “No pain, no gain” is still the perfect battlecry for those who desire better results. Get off those steel handrails, quit those prolonged warm-ups and give those muscles a training. Run! Try nyo magpapawis, sarap!

Pet Peeve # 5 – Reminders are not there for nothing. They encourage order. The second rule says walkers should take the outer lanes. But geez, they’re everywhere! Ang titigas ng ulo!

Okay, forgive me for ranting. My only quibble is the lack of discipline. Kung sana lahat nasa ayos, who knows, the work-out just might work out a little better for everyone. Capiche?


Monday, March 15, 2010

Running Down Memory Lane

A runner’s high is a feeling comparable to passing a grueling test, surviving a job interview or receiving God’s graces every day. And yes, bumping into some high school friends also takes you to that blissful state. In the last forty-eight hours, I had a lengthy conversation with friends from across the globe. An occasion like this does not come by very often so when it does, you’d wish for the clock to just stop ticking.

Time flew so fast. Quarter of a century ago, we were innocent, carefree, immature adolescents at PAFCA, a high school situated in Villamor Air Base. Back then, everything was simple and easy. We didn’t worry too much about the future and who we’re gonna be years later. Life was practically lived one day at a time. It’s the time we experienced the most fun.

So I am dedicating my 8th post to some wonderful and special people I had the privilege of knowing and sharing some of the happiest moments of my teenage life. Here we go…

Mary Rose Williams – one of my few good friends in I-Sampaguita, candid, cheerful, always the life of the party. She was born in Illinois (uttered as I-li-noy she’d always remind us), a typical tisay that endeared many people around her. Like most kids, we had our own share of disagreements, one in particular led to the principal’s office (lol!). As a friend, she’s a true gem. (above photo: Rosebud and daughter Kim)

Rosebud is now Mrs. Delos Santos and is blessed with beautiful children. Her eldest, Kim Ross (left photo, in Inquirer shoot), was the 2005 Elite Model Look Philippines grand winner and currently, one of the country’s most sought-after models for both ramp and print. And she will be our future Miss Philippines. Who else could be prouder than the Momma?

Joel Vergara – The Ricky Martin of IV-Diamond, part-time singer, part-time dancer but a full-time heartthrob. He was the J in the high school pack called CARMAJED. Alongside another pal E, Joel at the time raised the bar of good grooming sa tulong ng salamin at suklay. Our paths crossed because of a common passion – music and disco. (right photo: Joel and his daughter)

Joel now manages a business that provides sound system services. He breeds the same interest and has not totally gone astray. When asked whether he still carries his favorite weapons around? All I got was a thunderous laugh. Atta boy!

Mary Jean Guadalupe (right photo with son Kaden) – She was late for freshman enrollment and was able to join the cream of the crop only the following year. II-Narra guys would always call her Jane so she’s always quick to correct them – it’s Jean! The one thing they didn’t know about this unassuming young lady was despite her quiet persona, she’s a secret kikay (had two ultimate crushes back in high school) and fun-loving too. Yon nga lang, laging may curfew.

Jean now lives in Michigan with her family. She lurks Facebook under an alias, Kaden Anthony, in honor of her adorable firstborn. I am imagining her right now, along with her trademark girlish giggles. And I can’t help but smile.

Mannix Mateo (right photo) – School had already started when he showed up with his 2-inch-heel shoe and an attache case. That dramatic entrance saved an otherwise dull morning and had the entire III-Venus surprised – he was a sight to behold. Mannix was funny, articulate and always a go-getter, a true diva like his idol Madonna. If Glee musical were to be played in school programs that time, he would definitely get the role of Kurt.

Mannix is in the Middle East pursuing a long-time dream. I have said long ago that with his enormous talent, he would go very far. Ang layo na nga ng narating mo, friend. You deserve whatever you have right now. I’m truly proud of you!

To you and the rest of our Section 1 mates, thank you for the memories, good and bad! I look forward to our reunion. Hope it happens real soon.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just signed up for "Run To The Clouds"

Dubbed as a mountain-running of sort, this forthcoming event promises to be the ultimate test of a runner’s physical strength and determination. It will be a tough task for seasoned runners but organizers also assure that newbies (like myself) can finish the race.

And while runners traverse the eight-kilometer route, they can relish the scenery – the picturesque view of the entire Metro Cebu. Now, this is a real treat. This allows you to click while you run or run while you click (up to you!).

Mark the date – March 21.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Is Black Really Slow?

What’s in a color? Unless the subject is astrology or zodiac calendar, shades shouldn’t be too big a deal. For me, color is for poetry and metaphors and the hopeless romantics. This blog even goes by one color in particular but it’s all just that – a color.

My favorite fashion quote about the color black is “it makes you slimmer”. Many will agree with me on this, I’m sure. But on the theory that it affects motion, I guess all the heads will be shaking in disapproval. Nuh uh.

Let’s paint a simple correlation. On Thursday night, I was way past my 40-minute session but had yet to complete my run-a-lot-walk-a-little routine. I thought I was slow. It suddenly dawned on me a comment made on Carlos Moya’s movements in one of his tennis matches – that “black is slow”. He’s all black that night and he lost. Blame it on black (lol!).

So, is black really slow? Whatdyathink? The temperature is hitting the 30s lately. Maybe it’s the weather.

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s just me…

(photo source: news.bbc.co.uk)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Still on the hunt for the right surface?

There are as many variations of running surfaces as there are runners. To give you a better appreciation of what’s out there, here’s a rundown of some familiar ones. Take your pick!

Grass – Soft and easy on the legs and feels good if running barefoot. It makes the muscles work hard. But experts say uneven surfaces like grass (including the next 2) result in most injuries because of the varying pressures. So it is advised to change surface once in awhile.

Sand – You get the same benefit as the grass. You get sea breeze and the surroundings as bonus. You only get this chance when you’re on the beach like Matthew McConaughey in this photo. Feeling celebrity ka pa, another plus!

Trail – Hills. Mountains. Forests. Less Stressful Sights. This is perfect for the adventurous type. For the hikers and mountain-climbers, this is elementary. But like the previous 2, the surface is also prone to sprain, strain and other running injuries.

Asphalt – Our roads are usually made of asphalt so this is the most common. Like concrete, it delivers the most shock to the runner’s legs (sa sobrang tigas). But who can resist, it is the most accessible of all. Other cons: you face pot-holes (or manholes), traffic and lots of lubaks.

Track – My surface of choice. The surface is cushioned so it offers more protection. This is also ideal for speedwork. Track oval measures 400 meters so that gives me a good sense of measuring distances and timing my sessions easily. I just hate the left turns and the pasaway walkers on inner lanes (they’re not even brisk-walking).

Snow – Unless, it rains snow today or tomorrow, you can forget about this one for now (lol!).

Bottomline, it shouldn’t matter what surface you run on. As long as you have the appropriate footwear and the right attitude, you’re good to go. And remember, the more sweat, the better.

See you on the tracks!

(photo source: 2–www.zimbio.com; 4–www.therainman96.wordpress.com; 5–www.astm.org)