Friday, July 23, 2010

Running Soon!

See you on the road!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The 10 Best Foods for Runners

If you're still trying to figure out the best foods for energy, recovery and fitness, here's a helpful list  written by Matt Fitzgerald for Click here for the complete article.

1.  Wild Salmon

Wild salmon is an excellent source of omega-3 essential fatty acids, which are sorely deficient in the average American’s diet. Omega-3 fats boost heart health by creating more elastic blood vessels and improve nervous system functioning. These benefits go beyond general health to affect exercise performance. A study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology showed that fish oil supplementation increased heart stroke volume (or the amount of blood the heart pumps with each contraction) and cardiac output (or the total amount of blood pumped by the heart) during low- to moderate-intensity exercise.

You can get the same benefits as fish oil supplementation by eating wild salmon or other omega-3-rich seafood two to three times per week.

2.  Cherries
Cherries are the most antioxidant-rich fruit on earth. They contain particularly large concentrations of a type of antioxidants called anthocyanins. Antioxidants provide a host of health benefits ranging from maintaining healthy blood vessels to prevention of cancerous tumor growth. They’re also good for athletic performance. In one study, the addition of cherry juice to the diet of competitive rowers significantly reduced the amount of strength loss and muscle soreness they experienced after a strength test designed to cause muscle damage compared to a group of fellow rowers who received a placebo instead.
3.  Kale
Kale is a member of the cabbage family. It contains high levels of vitamins A, B6, C and K, as well as iron and calcium, and is one of the most antioxidant-rich vegetables. gives kale a maximum five-star rating in the category of optimum health. Kale also has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Low-grade inflammation resulting from exercise-induced muscle damage is a daily nuisance for many runners and can become a chronic issue in some cases. Maintaining a diet that’s high in anti-inflammatory foods reduces the risk of this problem.
4.  Skim Milk
With its balance of fast-acting carbohydrates and proteins, skim milk is the ideal post-exercise muscle recovery “food” for runners. Research has shown that muscle glycogen stores are replenished and muscle tissues are repaired fastest when carbs and proteins are consumed together after the completion of a workout. A study by researchers at Indiana University found that chocolate-flavor skim milk outperformed a popular recovery supplement when consumed after exercise.
5.  Bananas
Bananas are among the best pre-workout and pre-race foods for runners. Bananas are almost all carbohydrate. A large banana contains more than 30 grams of carbohydrate, just 1 gram of protein, and no fat whatsoever. Bananas are also extremely high in potassium (400 mg), which is lost in sweat during exercise. Their softness and light taste make them easy to consume even with pre-race nerves, and their natural “wrapper” makes them handy for eating on the road.
6.  Soy
Soy is a bona fide superfood. First, it’s incredibly versatile. You can enjoy it as edamame (steamed young soybeans), tofu, soymilk, and as the protein source in everything from soy burgers to some varieties of frozen burritos and energy bars. On top of that, soy provides a number of proven health benefits. Soy is clinically proven to lower cholesterol, reduce negative symptoms of menopause, and help prevent osteoporosis. It is also an excellent source of a type of antioxidants called phytoestrogens. On top of all that, soy is a great source of post-exercise protein to promote muscle recovery. Researchers at the Ohio State University recently published a study showing that soy protein is as effective as whey protein in promoting muscle growth in response to training.
7.  Old-fashioned oatmeal
Sports nutritionists recommend that runners get approximately 60 percent of their daily calories from carbohydrate to maximize workout performance. The average runner gets less than 50 percent of his or her calories from carbs. Starting your day with a high-carb breakfast is a great way to boost your overall carbohydrate intake. Old-fashioned oatmeal provides a whopping 27 grams of carbohydrate per ½-cup serving. What’s more, old-fashioned oatmeal is a high-fiber, low-glycemic index food, so the energy it provides is long-lasting. A Penn State study found that men were able to exercise significantly longer after a breakfast of old-fashioned oatmeal than after a high glycemic index breakfast of puffed rice.
8.  Green Tea
Green tea is on its way toward becoming the beverage of choice among runners, and with good reason. Green tea contains a high concentration of a class of antioxidants called catechins. A couple of Japanese studies showed that green tea extract supplementation increased endurance in mice. It appears that it worked by increasing the muscles’ capacity for fat burning during exercise by reducing the activity of free radicals that inhibit fat metabolism
As yet, there have been no human studies showing an ergogenic effect of green tea extract supplementation. However, in a recent human study from the University of Birmingham, England, acute supplementation with green tea extract increased fat burning during moderate-intensity exercise by 17 percent. These results suggest a strong possibility that green tea extract could delay fatigue during prolonged moderate-intensity efforts.
Other studies have shown that green tea reduces free radical damage to muscle tissue during exercise. And the caffeine in green tea is also beneficial for runners. (Green tea has 25-30 mg caffeine per 8-oz serving, compared to 120-170 mg in coffee.) Caffeine has been shown to boost performance in races of every distance by stimulating the nervous system and reducing perceived exertion.
9.  Tomatoes
All of a sudden tomatoes are best known as the vegetable (technically a fruit) that contains the antioxidant lycopene. While lycopene certainly is a beneficial nutrient, whose consumption is associated with reduced risk of macular degeneration and certain types of cancer, it is only one of countless healthy phytonutrients contained in tomatoes. Tomatoes are also a great source of many vitamins and minerals that are helpful to runners, including vitamin B6. A recent study found that laboratory animals fed a vitamin B6-deficient diet were not able to store as much muscle glycogen. Another great thing about tomatoes is that they add a lot of flavor to a wide variety of dishes and meals without adding many calories (there are just 27 calories in a cup of cherry tomatoes). Thus, tomatoes contribute to a diet that is both lean and satisfying and keeps you at your optimal race weight without feeling deprived.
10.  Whole-Wheat Pasta
Pasta is one of the most carbohydrate-dense foods, making it a great food to eat before big workouts and races, when you want to maximize muscle glycogen stores, and after big workouts, when you want to replenish those stores. But whole-wheat pasta is a better choice than pasta made with refined wheat flour. One cup of cooked whole-wheat spaghetti provides six grams of fiber, which promotes satiety and digestive health. Whole-wheat past is also a longer-lasting energy source than regular pasta.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

My Left Foot

It's not about the Oscar-winning film. It's not Daniel Day Lewis'. It's the least likely subject I would write  about. Because it's my foot. Make that my left toe.  To be very specific, my toe nail. I just got back from my usual night run, a work-out terminated by the sudden showers.  While putting off my shoe which got soaked again in the rain, my attention was drawn to my left toe.  There it was, black and bruised.  A few seconds later, I was aiming my camera at it.

It's a souvenir from my first 15K - Kapamilya Run held last June 13. I had to endure the pain for about a week or two.  The good news is it didn't keep me from doing all my other activities including running. It's the same toe nail that made me stay away from nail salons since late 2003 and why Do-It-Yourself is my nail-cleaning of choice until now.
I used to be conscious about it while on slippers. But I realized I obtained it from a truly gratifying act so that's  reason enough to be proud. The cause was positive and I should see it from that perspective. Like some physical scars, it could easily pass for a reminder, something that has a good story to tell.  While other runners grumble about injuries and misfortunes, I feel blessed blogging about a toe nail.

Have a safe running, everyone!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Energizer Night Race - The Island Edition

South Korea, Argentina, South Africa, Malaysia, The Philippines. The fifth installment of Energizer’s “Keeps Going and Going” global ad campaign was staged in Mandaue City in Cebu on July 10, 2010. Some 2,500 eager runners, sporting glow in the dark singlets and headlights, took the streets and spiced up an evening earlier drenched with rains. Judging by the reaction, the crowd composed largely of onlookers seemed to have enjoyed the sight.


The foundation head and the beneficiaries

The event was a joint project of Energizer and GMA Network, with the former providing, among other things, gears and the latter, the entertainment. It kicked off with GMA Kapuso Foundation chair Mel Tiangco’s handing over mercury-free hearing aids to some hearing-impaired children. Pre- and post-race, runners were treated to a variety show which featured live bands and performances from the network’s stable of stars. Ana Maris Igpit, Rico Robles and Bela Padilla acted as hosts.

Parokya ni Edgar, Simon Losiaboi and Katrina Halili

Highs and Lows

The distribution of headlights and caps went on smoothly. For some quarters, the free headlight was the only reason they signed up for the race. The courtesy booths were also helpful, the staffs were very polite. I just find saying “you’re welcome” and “come again” in unison funny but a bit annoying. It’s the first time I took advantage of it and would probably use it again next time.

The race was supposed to start 8:30pm but race gun was fired a bit later. This is what usually happens when everybody wants that 15-minute fame or when event involves celebrities (lahat gustong magpasikat!). Runners were positioned according to category, 10K followed by 5K then 3K, to allow order upon leaving the starting line. But some people just couldn’t follow simple rules. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

The race course was well-secured, one lane was allotted to the runners, exclusively. To some extent, it caused heavy build-up but I’m sure people who witnessed this rare occasion were forgiving at that time. Marshalls were also on hand to assist. There were plenty of water stations and abundant water supply except at the last one where cups ran out I had to drink from the pitcher (without kissing the lid, of course). At finish line, more water flowed but food has gone completely AWOL.

The 10K race distance was short by 600 meters. Those who thought made new PRs were surely disappointed.

Ka-Blog, Ka-FB, Kapamilya, Kapuso, Kapatid

The running community is growing and so is social networking. Apart from sharing a common interest, another good side of it is actually seeing them actualize their passion. Just before the race, I bumped into Any Given Sunday's Ling Abella and chatted for awhile. Plus picture-picture.

Ling (3rd from left) with Team Yellow Jersey

I noticed Katol V. of A Shoe Story when he called Max Limpag of Sun Star who was standing next to me at the holding area. He was with fellow ARC and Daily Mile Runners. We paced for the first 2K or so of the first lap.

Katol (with blue towel) with ARC Runners

I would soon label her “The Overtaker”, in a good way. Why? During the final 1.5K in the Planet Sports Run, she acknowledged me by saying “hello” then went past me. In last Saturday’s night race, I returned the favor by saying “hi” just before the final lap of 10K. She turned, smiled then sped away. That’s Ged!

Ged (middle) with friends

I said it before and will say it again – any race won’t be complete without Twinkle Gonzalez Ignacio. I have already run out of superlatives to describe your love for the sport. So just continue what you’re doing because it’s just amazing! And by the way, saw your interview on TV. Wow! Ibang level ka na talaga!

Twinkle in another fascinating ensemble

People came in droves. Mom and Dad with kids in tow.  Barkadahan who chose to spend their Saturday night on a good cause.  Club runners. Competitive runners. Recreational runners.  And those who simply just love to run.  The event made for perfect bonding.

Nene and her family

Finally, it’s a welcome change to see friends from work outside the typical environment. I’m certain they all experienced a sense of fulfillment and pride crossing the finish line. The Yellow Jersey hopes to see more of them in future races.

Amy, Jinky, PJ, Rhea, Leo, Mildred, Diosyl

The Elites

Mary Joy and John Philip

She’s often called the other Mary, in reference with a champion runner who goes by the same name. But in no time I think, she will dominate and gain stellar billing, soon. Mary Joy Tabal topped the 5K Women’s category with a time of 20:49. Meanwhile, John Philip Duenas placed 3rd in 10K Men’s (not a lucky night, huh). I admire these young athletes (I used to train with their group). Despite the accolades that continue to pile up and their impressive resumes, they remain grounded and humble. Keep it up, guys!

Other winners include Mary Grace Delos Santos (10K Women), Adonis Singson (10K Men), Kenyan missionary Simon Losiaboi (5K Men), Aiza Suaybaguio (3K Women) and Jorry Ycong (3K Men).


Drumroll - The Yellow Jersey salutes these landmark runs:

Team Yellow Jersey
  • Ricky bravely accepted the 10K challenge and finished it convincingly (partida pa yan ha, no preparations). It’s only his 2nd race, the 1st was 7K (Che and Dahyan, are you listening?).
  • Alex ran his 6th 10K race and 8th overall and did it less than an hour (sub-1). Wow! We should really be ready for our half-mary in September.

Dahyan, Tina, Che, Amy, Jinky, Daisy, Alex, Ricky, Leonette

  • Daisy ran her 2nd race, her first was the early morning Fair Trade run. Energizer Run was her first night race. Hmmmm…puro firsts ha.
  • Che and Dahyan ran their 7th 5K race, and 8th race overall. Their other race was the 7K Kapamilya Run. They’re now contemplating about moving a notch up.

TYJ with Energizer mascot

  • Jinky ran her 5th 5K race, Amy her 4th 5K. It’s also the 6th 5K race for Tina and Leonette. I know they will soon get out of their comfort zone and shift to longer distance runs. Kaya nyo yan, ladies.
  • Shildy and Co. are our mountaineer friends and once in a while they dabble on running. It’s Shy’s 2nd run with Team Yellow Jersey.

Shildy and friends

  • As for me, it’s my 14th race since I started in March 2010.
Prayers for Alex

Our condolences to the family of Alexander Landero, a 19-year old runner from Danao who died in a freak accident at the city’s district hospital. Please pray for the repose of his soul and for the comfort of his family.

Stay safe, people. Stay together.

Add'l photos: Dexter Samolde, Diabel Rodriguez, Claudio Monceda, Nene Lansang and Ged Gejon

Friday, July 9, 2010

COMDDAP Hits Cebu!

On its 13th year, the Computer Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers Association of the Philippines (COMDDAP) stages another expo in the Queen City of the South.  The event will again showcase the latest products in information and communications technology at reasonable prices and great discounts.

So if you're in the hunt for what's in and what's hot, mark the dates on your calendar.  We had fun going to these exhibits back in college and today I'm sure people would still find it  interesting and enjoyable.  With overflowing surprises and lots of freebies, who wouldn't?

Check it out!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Crisis in Cebu Run Zone

Remember what they used to say when there are too many chefs in the kitchen?  Many observers say that this is happening in our midst.  Cebu circuit being the kitchen, organizers being the chefs and the race, oh well, the broth. And in the absence of a quick and solid fix, this is likely the state Cebu running is headed.    

With the running boom, I wouldn't like to think that it has become a money-making business or for others with enterprising minds, a cash cow. But a tell-tale sign that this may be true is evident.  This does not sit well with people who have genuine concern for the sport.  And soon, they will take action.   

Below is an excerpt from article "Jack en Poy" written by Mr. Raffy Uytiepo for the The Freeman. Mr. Uytiepo is an authority in sports domain and revered in the running scene, being an accomplished runner himself.  Here goes:
SPORTS EYE By Raffy T. Uytiepo (The Freeman) Updated July 06, 2010 12:00 AM
It looks like there’s no stopping the running craze in Cebu. From the weekly races sometimes two, in one Sunday, Saturdays are now being considered. While some people asked me if I’m happy with what’s happening, considering that I’m probably one of those who started running here, well, I’m not. In fact, I believe I’m Frankenstein who created a monster that has gone out of control. Last year when running was reaching fever pitch, race organizers met in an attempt to control road races. We noticed that “bisag kinsa nalang,” would organize a race that sometimes violate the rules and regulations of road running. If the organizer lacks experience or knowledge or maybe cut on expenses, the race is bound to suffer. The proposed body was called the Cebu Association of Road Race Organizers (CARRO), a rip-off from the Association of Road Race Organizers, a group that included Angel Colmenares, Michael Keon, Tom Carrasco, Red Dumuk, Jun Castro, Rudy Biscocho and myself who became the last president, before it became inactive. The organization was meant to foster harmony among race directors and schedule runs, so there won’t be two races at the same time.

But races were not too many then and we just agreed on a date. Now with the mush rooming runs, organizers are squabbling as who gets the priority. One of the rules that we set at CARRO which was brokered by Cebu City Sports Commission’s Raul Manawataw and PSC’s Audie Marte, was to give priority to long-existing races like the Milo Marathon, Cebu City Marathon, Don Sergio Osmeña Run, Tri City Marathon, Midnight Run and Cebu Doc Run, to mention a few. Meaning if a new race pops out, it has to take a back seat from the consistent ones. Anyway we will be solving this problem soon. We will again re-activate a body that will sanction races. We will ask organizers to submit a list of schedule of their races and will still give priority to the established runs. And if all these fails, “Siguro, Jack En Poy nalang” or toss coin, with the winner getting priority. 
Let us wish the move outlined above will resolve the brewing conflict permanently.

Here's hoping.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4 Great Reasons to be on the Road

I have been running for more than four months now. In terms of mastering the art, I am still a work in progress. Apart from a few sessions with a personal trainer, I am learning things mostly on my own. Personal experiences are always the best teachers so besides some self-taught basics, I also draw wisdom from people’s stories because they often appear to me as infallible and genuine.

And while in the process of discovering new things, I have started seeing the sport from a whole new perspective. I used to just run for the sake of running. In hindsight, I thought all those times I would literally sign up for almost every run was utterly crazy. In recent past, I realized that there must be a real good reason for the buckets-full of sweat. Beyond personal satisfaction and pride, there must be a true purpose why I run those runs.

I am a wise runner now. I pick which race to run on the basis of “what it is for” rather than “how much”. I am paying for it anyway so I should know where my money is going. On that note, I am happy to share with you blog readers a string of events happening in the eight weeks following July 10. All of which have run-for-a-cause themes and are scheduled two weeks apart. 


July 10 – Energizer Night Race, Parkmall, Mandaue, Cebu – This is a joint program of GMA-7 Kapuso Foundation and Energizer batteries. The event will benefit the hearing-impaired children of Cebu. It is also in support of the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week. The race features three categories, 3K, 5K and 10K. Glow in the dark singlets and headlights will be a major attraction.

August 8 – Run for the FOOTure, Ayala Terraces, Cebu City – This is a project of Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center Residents' Association which will benefit clubfoot babies and the VSMMC Cancer Institute.  The event will headline fun runs in 3K, 5K and 10K Male and Female Open categories 

August 22 – Miles for Smiles (Run for Cleft Care), The Bonifacio Global City, Taguig – This is a run for children with "bingot" or cleft palates.  At the helm is a group of doctors and surgeons that make up the Noordhoof Craniofacial Foundation Philippines, Inc (NCFPI).  The organization endeavors to raise awareness that this condition is treatable and available for free. Events are 3K, 5K, 10K and 16K for the Men’s and Women’s Open and 400-meter dash for kids ages 10 and below.

September 5 – 34th Milo Marathon, Cebu City – It is one of the highly anticipated events of the year. It kicked off the Manila eliminations on July 4 and is set to take place in many parts of the country before it culminates in December. Behind this great event is a sincere commitment to provide running shoes to underprivileged children all over the Philippines. The Cebu leg will feature 3K, 5K, 10K, 21K, and 42K categories. I am excited about this because if all goes well, this will be a milestone run for me. 

Amidst the running frenzy, people can really get OOC (out of control).  My advice is to spend those hard-earned cash on something worthwhile. Be an agent of change.  Be a blessing to others, especially the children. Let’s give them enough hope and motivation to enjoy life more. Always remember the quote "happiness when shared, is doubled".

Stay healthy peeps, run safe! 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Are these Ps for Real?

They made racquets lighter for efficient swinging. They designed bodysuits for faster water locomotion. They revolutionized shoes for optimal running. They introduced soft-touch balls for better digging. And Nike Airs, for soaring higher?  True advertising or otherwise, all these ride on a univesal banner, one which suggests optimum performance.

They are called innovations. Each a by-product of a thinking process, years of research and huge amount in investment money. In a market that thrives on competition, the more cutting-edge the product is, the greater the rewards. I mean the returns, big bucks. And why not, when people get more, they should pay more.

But technology has gone a step further. Suddenly, there’s a demand for something more. Far beyond what's   tangible or what can be seen, physically. Brands have come by to promote healthy living - balanced and stress-free.  With a host of products that include necklaces, bracelets, apparels and supports, the buzz has caught up with the athletic, the perky and the curious.   

The first P is for Phiten. The Red Sox first sported their bracelets. Other athletes followed.  The most popular and saleable in this brand line are the Rakuwa Sport and X-series necklaces (mine is an X30). Price starts at Php1,195, with the Leyton Hewitt (tennis champ) necklace being the most expensive at  Php11,995.  Titanium, gold and silver, collectively called AquaTitan, in water-soluble form are permeated into the material. This Japanese invention aims to help normalize blood flow, reduce stress, prevent muscle tension and fatigue in the upper body. With these health benefits, who wouldn’t like to own and wear one?

The other P is for Power Balance bracelets, the latest to hit the scene. Shaq of the Lakers is one of its celebrity-athlete endorsers (talk about media mileage, huh).  In its official website, PB is described as performance technology. The hologram in the bracelet, wristband and pendant is designed to resonate with and respond to the natural energy field of the body.  The blurb goes on to say that it's a  favorite among athletes for whom balance, strength and flexibility are important. It comes in a variety of colors and looks like a jazzed-up baller ID. A bit pricey at Php2,300 apiece.  But who cares about the price when you've got the dough?

And now, the big question. Do they really work? Some say it's a common case of placebo effect.  But if there are Doubting Thomases, there are scientific and creative explanations too.  For me, believing is half of the equation. We have said time and again that positive thinking affects performance.  I'd leave it at that. And if these Ps deliver what they promise, I think we would be better than OK.

Go ahead, try one now.  Let me know what you think. :-)

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Planet Sports Run: The Run I Almost Missed

June 27. I had trouble dragging myself from the bed. Got up the same time the previous day for another race. I'm not used to doing two consecutive runs especially on a weekend.  Run on a Saturday, take a day-off on a Sunday or vice versa.  That's my routine.  I wasn't pumped about the Planet Sports Run.  I just felt lazy. I signed up a few days before registration closes. I thought that if I missed it, it wouldn't matter one bit. 

But guilt started to creep up.  You see, shortly after I began this running journey, some friends from work took encouragement from it. It must have made a positive impact on them and later on, we are side-by-side at starting points of many events. The day prior, one of them said I had to be there for them. Ouch! TTE -touch the emotion. That's my cue.  So I sprinted to the shower, put my gear on and headed off to the Ayala Terraces.

It was my 13th race, bib number 1377. I thought a double 13 could spring surprises.  I was right.  The whole 10.15K race course I bravely traversed with no single stop.  That's a first, whew!  I have always disliked the Escario uphill but on this day, it didn't bother me.  As an offshoot, clocked 5 minutes earlier than my previous mark, woohoo! Let me be very clear about this though, I/we run for the ultimate joy of it.  The PRs and the records are just "nice to haves".     

Finally, there's no better way to cap the event than striking a pose or flashing those big grins in front of the camera. In any case, it's always the most awaited part.  And before I forget, the last photo was courtesy of fellow blogger Katol Villagante.   He wasn't with Nikia that day but had Mikaela for company.  Katol V. of  A Shoe Story and Ling A. of  Any Given Sunday, graciously accorded me a respectable spot in their previous posts so let me return the favor by acknowledging you both here. Next time, let's have a photo three-gether! How's that?

See you 07.10.10.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pagpupugay sa Bagong Pangulo

Siyam na taon. Napakahabang panahon ng paghihintay. Tila bangungot sa malalim na pagkaidlip. Isang pasaning krus sa animo’y walang katapusang kalbaryo. Isang mabigat na pagsubok sa isang bansang lugmok sa kahirapan, laganap na katiwalian at lantarang kawalan ng pagpapahalaga sa kapakanan ng nakararami. Lahat ng iyan, sampu ng marami pang iba sa loob ng siyam na taon.

Tulad ng matikas na puno ng kawayan, tayo’y umindak sa bawat unos at bagyong dumating. Pikit-mata nating inunawa ang mga kakulangan at tiniis ang pagkalam ng tiyan. Nakipagsapalarang salungatin ang kalakaran ngunit tayo’y bigo. Sadyang kung minsan ang tadhana ay pumapanig sa mga sakim sa kapangyarihan. Ngunit ang lahat ng bagay ay may katapusan. Sambit pa ng namayapang ginang – tama na, sobra na, palitan na!

Ang bukang liwayway sa makasaysayang araw ng Hunyo 30 ay hudyat ng bagong panimula. Hatid ay bagong sigla, bagong pag-asa. Ang bagong mamumuno ay nailuklok na.  Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III, ang ika-labinglimang Pangulo ng Repuplika ng Pilipinas.  Tayo'y makiisa, makisama, makipagtulungan  patungo sa isang maunlad, mapayapa at malayang bansa.

Pangulong Noynoy, mabuhay ka! Ang Pilipinas ay sabik sa isang Messiah.