Friday, December 31, 2010

TYJ 2010 Running Season Ends!

Capped it weeks ago, actually. But with December being the busiest, the attempts I made earlier to document our last race for the year has proven futile. So today, in the occasion of the new year, I am juggling between composing this post and cooking my kitchen specialties (menudo and sopas) for the family's get-together later.  Multi-tasking, in short.  Hope I don't screw up big time.

What was supposed to be a one-man contingent for TYJ considering the venue (outside of Cebu), the event ended with 6, complemented with an eager TYJ support group. Half ran, more than half cheered. That's double the fun at the 2nd edition of the Quezon City International Marathon.  QCIM2 also marked my 2nd half-marathon, with a couple more extra (23.3K).  Completing my sophomore 21K run, the feeling's different but it's sweet, still.  

The race began on the Philcoa area, just a few meters from the city's most revered landmark, the QC Circle. In the first and last 4 kilometers of the race, runners were treated to the grandeur of The Oblation as we did a quick tour of Unibersidad ng Pilipinas, a UP-Ikot literally. Almost a decade ago, the Melchor Hall of the Diliman campus used to be home on weeknights. Memories. Memories.

Considered as the widest freeway in the country, runners took the uninterruptible 6 lanes of the Commonwealth Avenue for the most part of the race.  Among its many highlights, it's the route I liked the most.  The roads are well-manned, hydration stations were available every 1.5K and yes, energy drinks flowed. With overcast skies, even the weather cooperated that early Sunday morning.

2010 has been a good running year for Team Yellow Jersey.  I ran the streets alone back in March. Today, I share the same passion with not just plain runners but fun and happy bunch of people. From this point on, we'll continue to abide by one simple and basic rule - we will run for fun, first.  For something else, second.   

From TYJ and Friends, here's wishing everyone a Prosperous New Year and an exciting and healthy running season in 2011!

(collage courtesy of my TYJ Family, thanks for the autographed copy.)

Next stop: Subic International Marathon and Cebu City Marathon - January 9, 2011.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

5th Seminary Fund Run

Seminario Mayor de San Carlos hosted this 5th edition of Seminary Fund Run on 11.28.10 for the ongoing rehabilitation of its facility. And although that Sunday morning was marred by rains, it still generated decent numbers in terms of head count.  Of all the races I have run, it's the most wet (if there's such a term).  From the starting point on Dela Montana Street all the way through the 10K turning point in Banawa, the roads were literally damped.  Running under this condition, complete with overcast skies, was a lot better than when the sun's out. For me, I think.

For TYJ Amy, Brandon and Leonette, this was a milestone run. On this day, the bar was set higher as they  ran their first 10K and they completed it convincingly. Congratulations, guys! We hope to see you in a couple more 10K races before kicking it up a notch (12 or 15K?).  One step at a time remains the key though.  And it won't be long when all of TYJ are running the same distance, pacing together and still having fun. That will be D day.

'til our next run!