Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It is a significant stage for people who track their progress.  They call it a landmark run.  It sums up the distances in kilometers and miles, the long countless hours spent on the road and the buckets of sweats and sometimes, of tears. Some take it too personal, they call it their run-niversary. And such is the case for most Team Yellow Jersey'ers. But more than an anniversary, it's also a celebration!  

The 2011 edition of Citirun  held on March 27 marked my first year of being in the running scene. It was my fourth appearance at a half marathon and as if all the life forces were with me on that part-rainy sometimes-sunny red-letter day, I crossed the finish line with a new PR. And who would have thought that a year later, for a baby team like TYJ, eight would be full-pledged half-marathoners? Whoa!


Almost three weeks later, the rest of the pack took their turns. The Great Lapu-Lapu Run 3 happened on April 17 as part of the yearly Kadaugan Sa Mactan festival. The perky marked their anniversary by virtue of  their favorite distance, the 10K. The adventuresome, on the other hand, took the more challenging, the 21K. Nevertheless, everyone had fun. It was a worthwhile year one and everyone's poised for an exciting year two!

More milestones at MIM and KFM, later...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Run Rewinds

I had to heed doc's advice, otherwise, I'd be sidelined for life. No impact exercises for one month - that's what the exact prescription said, nothing else. Wait, he offered two alternatives, either I go spin or swim.  Bending is good he quipped, pounding is not. Tough!

It's only been two weeks since being detached from my actively functioning self but it felt like reprising that role I played at a recent leadership boot camp - blindfolded, crippled, totally useless.  But who knows, this long layover may do me some good, eventually.  Think positive! 

And since I can't be in the scene an awful lot these days, I will reminisce and backtrack a bit and relish those good running moments with TYJ and friends...

02.20.11 - Operation Smile Charity Run (Cebu)

 02.27.11 - Edsa Run (Manila)


02.27.11 - People Power Run (Cebu)

 03.06.11 - Fire Run (Cebu)

03.20.11 - Run For Youth (Cebu)

See you soon, guys!

additional fire run photos by iamkatol